Singtel x Apple 2023




Campaign Film

Key Visual


Hogarth Singapore

Creative Director

Edwin Leong



Associate Creative Director

Giap How Tan

Art Director

Cassandra Lim


Chu Shi Min

/01 Film Synopsis

A journey of passion, dedication and unwavering support. Connecting to all that matters with Singtel.

Singtel has released the latest instalment of its iPhone 15 series launch campaign which features a short film that aims to encourage young adults to forge their own paths regardless of the pressures of society.

Titled “Live Your Story”, the film follows a Singaporean boy who turns his artistic and creative passions into a fulfilling career to show Gen Z Singaporeans the possibility of finding an intersection between their interests and work.

The short film takes audiences through Carl’s foray into fashion from painting on a canvas in his bedroom to working at a cosmetics store to finally developing his own artistic makeup looks at a fashion show.

Through sound design such as a drum beat that gets increasingly upbeat as his career takes off and a brief pause to indicate a change in fortune, the film aims to further engage the audience and immerse them in the storyline. 

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